Ways to Make a Road Trip Great Even While on a Budget

Road trips are always fun and exciting. Even if you are on a budget, they should still provide you with ample pleasure and fun. Here is how you can stretch your budget when embarking on a road trip.

You should aim to save as much money on gas as possible. Look for the best fuel prices by using apps such as gas buddy. Pack light and make sure your tires are inflated to ensure better mileage. Don't drive too fast either. You will not only miss out on sights but waste more gas in the process as well. 

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How to Add Extra Protection to Your Cargo

Roof racks come in handy because they can be secured to the top of your vehicle, and carry cargo that cannot fit inside or is just simply too large for your vehicle to hold. While this is a very useful item by itself, there are a few tips we suggest to protect your cargo even more as the roof rack holds it.

Use a weatherproof and durable bag for your cargo in order to make sure your precious belongings are well protected.  

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Why You Should Purchase a Truck

We want you to make the best vehicle purchasing decision for your family. We want you to know what kind of vehicle will be best for traveling about the local area. We believe a truck might be the answer for you and your family.

Some changes have been made to trucks through the years, and those changes help to make trucks an appropriate choice for families. You might be interested in trucks because of their appearance, but did you know that they can also be set up with great safety features? Trucks can give you the space that you need…

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Detailing the Interior of Your Vehicle

Summer is a great time to detail the interior of your vehicle as the weather is warm enough for you to park on your driveway and take your time cleaning it while also saving money on professional services. Start with vacuuming. Before you do so, rake any debris, especially pet hair with a device such as a pumice block. Picking up larger debris will make your vacuuming job more thorough.

Next, it's time to clean your carpets. Use a non-foaming carpet cleaner and a hot water extractor to penetrate deep into the pile. Use an all-purpose cleaner with microfiber…

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Do You Want to Lift Your Truck?

Owning a truck makes a statement. Customizing a truck furthers whatever statement you wish to make. To really capture attention on a road, using a lift kit to change looks and install massive tires might be the way to go. Lifts might also present certain functional benefits, too.

Adding higher tires to a vehicle might be perfect for off-road adventurers. Obstructions may be strewn all over the rough terrain. Other problems could be presented to the underside of a truck. A truck with lifts just might be able to avoid potential damage when driving in difficult environments.

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Mysterious Breakdowns Solved – Blown Gaskets

Gaskets are a well-known component but often misunderstood. We want our customers to commute and travel in peace, so we’re going to look at gaskets and truly understand them.

So, people might know that gaskets provide seals, and this is the long and short of it. They keep fluids from escaping/mixing and keep air where it needs to be. They’re not made of rubber (though they are coated with it often). They’re actually flexible layers of steel or copper most of the time.

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Keep Your Headlights Shining Bright with Homemade Remedies

How often have you gone to look at old pictures of your car, only to notice a difference in the transparency of your headlights?

Yellow discoloration can occur from years of dirt, grime, or heat, but it doesn’t have to become a permanent fixture of your vehicle. If you find yourself in the camp of people who want to clean up the headlights on their sedan, SUV, or pickup truck, then take these few simple homemade solutions from our staff at Erie Auto Credit.

Believe it or not, but toothpaste can be a surprising go-to for quick headlight cleaning…

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Avoid Hydroplaning with a Tire Check in Erie

If you’ve driven on local roads right after it began to rain, then you have first-hand experience with one of the more unpredictable environments when behind the wheel. Hydroplaning has the potential to escalate into a dangerous situation in seconds, and you never know when conditions are prime enough for an accident to occur. When water doesn't drain from the roadway, your tires can be lifted enough that it's like driving on ice.

There are a number of driving tips that can help you avoid hydroplaning. When you see water pooling on the road ahead, turn off…

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Warning: Your Exhaust May Be Leaking

The exhaust system in your car is a vital component. The system is responsible for removing deadly gases out of the motor and releasing them into the air. It is a complex. It involves the tailpipe, which connects to the muffler than the resonator, catalytic converter, and the exhaust manifold.

It is essential to know the signs of a failing exhaust pipe. 

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Importance of Windshield Wipers

Wipers are designed to perform a number of functions in an automobile. The functions of the wipers play major roles in enhancing visibility and thus ensuring safe driving. Apart from removing dirt, water and snow on the windscreen, the wipers operate in a wide range of temperatures. The wipers must also pass the snow and load test on the windshield.

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